Billabong Flaunt It Course Preview

For those that don't know, Grouse will be host to the Billabong Flaunt It all girl slopestyle event tomorrow, February 27th.  It's gonna be a super fun time, and the boys in the park have been working hard on making a killer, and fun, course for the event.  Check out some of the preview shots below!



Summer is Almost Here

Don't want the season to end!? Me either.  

Get in those summer park laps at Camp of Champions, last year I was fortunate enough to get to go for their biking camps, and man I had a good time. Progression at a week camp is like a year of regular riding. I learned how to backflip on my bike, and I haven't even backflipped on a trampoline before. Who does that? Anyways the guys at COC are putting on an Editing competition called Big things Await you, and the grand prize? A video internship this summer. They also got tons of Prizes so I encourage you all to enter!  

You can check out my entry here and if you have a Vimeo account, liking/commenting on the video gets me a vote! So you know what to do.

Big thanks!


What Would it be Like to Win the 'Golden Ticket'?

Grouse Mountain launched a pretty rad contest recently and I started wondering what it would be like to win this 'Golden Ticket'...

I imagine you'd wake up and find your cupboard stocked with your favourite cereal and bacon already sizzling in the pan. You sit down to this breakfast meal while two elves wax your snowboard or skis. When you are done breakfast, and the elves are done with your skis, you jump in your Cadillac, roll to your homies house and pick him or her up. When you arrive at the base of the tram you park in your VIP parking spot. Instead of getting in the tram, you get on top of the tram and surf it to the top of the mountain! After the ride of your life on the tram you and your friend get First Tracks privileges scoring the best snow and lines on Grouse Mountain. If the first tracks aren't enough, when you get to the bottom of the lift, instead of getting in the back of the line you get in the front! And upload for you next lap.

So what do you need to do to win the Golden Ticket? It's easy. Simply log on to Grouse Mountain’s Facebook & Twitter and post your answer to the question: “Why Do You Y2Play?” with a photo and a 100-word or less paragraph. Entries must be received between Feb. 22nd and Mar. 7, 2013. There is only one week left! So enter here now!